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Hi -- I've searched your site for a replacement power cord for my LaCie external hard drive, Model # 300791U, sn # 153709459. This exact model number isn't on your list, so I looked at the ones closest on the list. The end you plug into the drive of model # 300793 cord looks like the closest match, but there is a glitch on the site when I try to view the enlarged image (only the images showing the cord ends for the power brick and the label on the brick itself will enlarge, not the round 4-dot plug to insert into the back of the drive. Even when I enlarge the basic image manually, it's still not clear enough to show if this plug (male) will match the female input on the drive. Can you help? I can send photos of the drive and the round 4-point input for the power cord if you tell me where t

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Sure thing, my email address: scott AT myvolts DOT com

Send the pictures and I will reply with a link to  a suitable power supply.

Please do quote the Q&A ID: 97793

Scott myVolts.
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Scott myVolts

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