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Hi, what is the difference between the "DC Cable Daisy Chain Splitter" versus the "5 way splitter cable for korg volca)? Can I use the daisy chain splitter for the Volcas as well? Then that should be more versatile in the future if I get gear outside the Volca line? I missed your KS project unfortunately but hope I can still get the Ripcord ! Thanks.

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"DC Cable Daisy Chain Splitter" - the ends are 5.5mm outer diameter, 2.1mm inner diameter - most effects pedals take this size, loads of other gear too.

The "5 way splitter cable for korg volca" - the ends are smaller, as the Volca has a smaller power input than standard.

You can of course still get Ripcord - no problem at all you missed the Kickstarter! http://myvolts.com/Ripcord_Pledge_Calculator

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