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I am trying to power an Elektron Digitakt... I purchased your 12v Ripcord on Amazon and paired it with a Power Bank 25000mAh-High Capacity Todamay Portable Charger. It did not work. I tried to plug it in to my late 2011 macbook and it did not work. Then, I plugged it into my Apple 12 watt iPad plug and it worked perfectly. Please offer guidance about the type of powerbank or usb source needed. Thanks!

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The packaging says it works with *any* USB charger. I had a few ordered and arrived before I got my Ripcord and none of them worked. You may want to clarify this on all your advertising, on Amazon, and where ever else. Now I'm out another $40 and the original $$ spend on the powerbanks don't work.
Are you sure the Anker you listed will power this? It says each port can only do 2.4A. This is what almost all chargers (Including the ones I bought) output. It does NOT do 4.8A on a single output.

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We recommend the Anker power bank, as it has a 4.8A output suitable to power the Digikat.


Please do let us know how you get on.

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@scott my powerbank has an d.c. 5v output (1A & 2.1A) but does not work. Now I want to buy one which has a 5 volts output and 3ampere. Will this work?
You guys really need to be more clear on this topic!