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I have just purchased a JHS superbolt V2 fuzz pedal, (overdrive) it was bought used from a pawnshop and did not come with the power supply. Question #1 i noticed that there is not an external battery cavity. Does this pedal have an internal battery that can be charged? I have manyb 9 volt power supplies, i noticed that it is rated at 9 volts and less than 100 ma. At 9 volts dc, am i going to fry this pedal if i hook it ip to a 9 volt A/c ower supply? Or does it convert the a/c to dc internally?

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It doesn't have an internal battery, but we have two ways you can power the Superbolt.

Our switch mode power supply converts AC power from your wall socket, to 9V Dc power with centre negative polarity -which is suitable for the JHS Pedals SuperBolt V2 Effects pedal:

JHS Effects pedal Pedals SuperBolt V2 Compatible Power Supply Plug Charger

Do you want to power it from a USB power bank, well have that sorted too.

Plug and Play anywhere!

Ripcord USB to 9V DC power cable compatible with the JHS Pedals SuperBolt V2 Effects pedal

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