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Confirmation email

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Hi, I've just pledged for 5 Ripcord USB and 2 Volca splitter. I paid via paypal and got the paypal email confirmation but nothing from myvolts.com.

Could you please confirm my invoice by email?

Yohan Boizat
Invoice #Ripcord00424

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2 Answers

Hi Yohan,

I emailed form our customer service ticket system (ticket ID:JBN-88101), thanks for confirming your selection of power cables too.



Scott myVolts

Click here
by (116k points)
Many thanks Scott! I answered by email.

Thank you again!
Hi Scott,

Thank you for your quick reply!

Sorry I didn't specified the polarities...

The 3rd 9V Ripcord is also a center positive one.

To summarize:

1 x 5v
3 x 9v (2x centre positive polarity power supplies for Korg Volca's + 1x center positive polarity again for Arturia Keystep)
1 x 12v
1 x 5-way power splitter cable for volcas

Thank you again for your reactivity!!!!

Best Regards,

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