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Where is my order # 8031497 ?

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Can you please provide an update for where my order # 8031497 is? I still have not received anything yet. I have an email from you that it shipped out from your warehouse on July 8th and was estimated to arrive between 7/15 and 7/19.

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Hi Michael,

I am sorry to hear, that you haven't received your order yet. You sent us an email, that you wanted to cancel i. e. return the order. Unfortunately you selected the standard shipping, instead of the tracked shipping, so I do not have a tracking number to give to you. Could you confirm your address for us please?

Jacinta myVolts
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Jacinta MyVolts

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Our address:
425 Highland Avenue
Abilene, TX 79605

I don't understand. How do you not have a way to track my order using the Order # 8031497 that you gave me?
I received a separate invoice from a company called Digidave with the order # 2495169 if that helps.
Can I please get an update??? I have already asked multiple times and still haven't heard anything.

If I don't get an update on when this order will deliver from someone from your company today, I will be forced to go to my bank and submit a fraud claim since you took my money but have not delivered my order to me. On top of that, you have yet to give me a single update or provide tracking information for my order after I have asked for that multiple times on this forum and also through emailing Scott at scott@myvolts.com.

This is been terrible customer service so far. I hope you will try to take a step in a positive direction by assisting me today.