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Has my order shipped? I did not receive an invoice or tracking info.

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Hey, how's it going? 

I ordered a ripcord (model AA927MS) on April 8, 2021 and my order number is 8028514. I have not received a confirmation email, tracking info, or invoice. However, my Paypal payment has gone through (transaction id#6XA060655X895625A) so hopefully, it was just a mix-up and it's on its way soon to arrive! Could you please let me know if there is a receipt for my purchase or tracking info for the shipment?


I'm going to contest the charges if you guys can't give me some sort of assurance that the order has been filled and shipped. It seems like many other people are having similar problems in regards to receiving emailed receipts/shipping info and can't contact customer service except through this public forum. I really want to like you guys and this product is perfect for my needs, but, I need to actually receive it for it to be useful.

Hope to hear from you soon :) 


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I am sorry to hear that, we will check it out and get back to you by email, within a few minutes. Hotmail is an issue for a lot of sellers sending order information emails, right now. But we check it out straight away.

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I still have not recieved a response. Here is an alternate email address