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Hello, I have a La Cie Porsche Design 1Tb drive that started life as a 750Gb drive and LaCie replace the drive mechanism in 2009. I also have a LaCie DVD-RAM drive from 2007. Which uses the ACU057A power supply and which uses the ACU034A power supply? My ACU034A power supply doesn’t work anymore and the drives just sit and make a slow click, click, click sound. Both have the four pins arranged in a square pattern. Please advise which power supply to purchase.

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Scott, you still didn’t answer me or e-mail me as to what style of power supply I need for my LaCie Porsche Design 1Tb FW400-USB2 hard drive serial 1190711030421C5S, the ACU034A or the ACU057A? I need that power supply.

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