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Hi I have a question about your 6V DC power cable center positive. I've seen on this post that it should work with an octatrack mk1 https://myvolts.com/questions/952/looking-octatrack-requires-possible-ripcord-theyll-available but on the page for the 6V cord, the comments section says that it wouldn't work witha a machinedrum which should basically have the same power specs as an octa MK1. Is it possible for me to get a clear answer on whether this cable will work with an octatrack mk1?

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Thanks for flagging the issue, Ripcord can provide 12W of power (2A at 6V)- but the Octatrack MKI requires 6V 3A or 18Watts of power - so it is not suitable for the Octatrack MKI. What version of the MachineDrum do you own, the MKII requires 6V 2.5A and so Ripcord is not suitable.

Scott myVolts.
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