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5-way power splitter cable for Roland Boutiques by myVolts (5-way splitter PLUS US PSU)
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5-way splitter only
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Stereo audio cable (3.5mm jack) - black
- Input port 3.5mm mini-jack specification
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About your product

Power up to 5 Roland Boutiques from just one USB plug!

This unique myVolts 5-way power splitter lets you power up to five Roland Boutiques at once, from one USB mains power plug.

It's compatible with all the Roland Boutiques in the range - including the JX-03, VP-03, TB-03, JP-08, JU-06, TR-09 and A-01.

Option '5-way splitter PLUS PSU' includes the 5-way splitter PLUS a myVolts 5V 2000mA USB power supply adaptor, to power from one to five Boutiques.

Option '5-way splitter only' includes only the 5-way splitter, you'll need to supply your own 5V USB power adaptor. Each Roland Boutique draws up to 400mA of current, so if you want to power 5, you need a USB power adaptor capable of delivering 2000mA - like the one we bundle with it.

Get in touch with myVolts if you've any questions about what PSU you need.

Cable features:

  • Main cable is 1 metre in length
  • Cable splits into 5 male plug connectors to fit the Boutiques, each one is 0.7m in length
  • myVolts-branded band keeps the cables tight
  • Canary yellow cabling makes it easy to spot amongst your other gear
  • Comes with a myVolts-branded Velcro cable tie

PSU features:

  • 5V DC voltage output
  • 2000mA (or 2A) maximum current output. Each Boutique draws only the current it needs from the max current available.
  • Worldwide voltage input AC100-240V, 50/60Hz

myVolts loves solving the power problems of creative people like you, so you can forget about them and just get on with the business of making great music.

Get in touch and let us know what you need solved - with more than 10 years in the game, we're obsessed with power!

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The SQ-1 requires a USB Type-B connection,the boutique splitter cable has micro USB connections, so unfortunately the Roland boutique splitter cable would not suit the SQ-1 power input port.

Scott myVolts.
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by Scott MyVolts on 2021-01-21
I am sure that we will have something to suit, drop me an email to scott AT myvolts DOT com and I will send you a freebie to try out.
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by Scott MyVolts on 2019-09-16


Could you let  me know the name or email linked to your order and we will refund it straigth away.

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by Scott MyVolts on 2019-08-15


Nice gear! I recommend powering the 9V Arturia Keystep using a USB power source and our Ripcord 9V+ce USB power cable (colour coded blue). It lets you move the device around easily and removes the chance of ground loop issue.

The Roland TR-8, you could use a wall mounted power supply:

Roland TR-8 Rhythm Performer

Fancy testing a 6V Ripcord on the Tr-8, let me know your delivery address and I will send one to you.

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by Scott MyVolts on 2019-04-25

Could you let me know your order number and we will help out?


by Scott MyVolts on 2018-05-28
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How can I help?

by Scott MyVolts on 2018-05-01