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Powering a Korg Volca

The Korg Volca series of pocket-sized analogue grooveboxes is proving ever-popular – they’re not-so cheap, but ever-so cheerful.
The range spans four devices at the time of this post: the Volca Keys analogue loop synth, the Volca Bass analogue bass machine, the Volca Beats analogue rhythm machine, and the latest addition: the Volca Sampler Digital Sampler Sequencer.

Each lovely little device needs batteries, or a power supply – and these aren’t supplied.

So what adaptor to get? Read on!

The KA-350 is the official adaptor that Korg sells – and we sell a power adaptor of the same specification too: Korg KA-350 on MyVolts

So get this, and it’ll power any of your Volcas like a dream.

Want to know more?

However the Volcas don’t need as much amperage as the KA-350 supplies – they only needs 100mA at full power draw. So if you have a 9V adaptor with 100mA, the same polarity (centre postive) and small-sized tip as the Volca needs, that’ll power any Volca.

Got any comments or need any help – just email me, Caroline, at caroline AT myvolts DOT co DOT uk

Caroline is a leading authority on power supply adaptors. Although there's not a lot of competition, admittedly. She's been at MyVolts for more than 10 years, is Director of Operations, and works in the Dublin office.

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