Korg Volca 5 way Splitter by MyVolts
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MyVolts Korg Volca splitter cable – power up to 5 Volcas with just one cable

Selling power supplies is a funny old game. For me, the self-appointed power supply expert and populater of our device finder database, I need to learn some pretty intimate details about each and every device that’s out there. I spend time speed-reading user manuals, scanning forums for nuggets of wisdom, searching for high-res images of power input jacks and zooming in till it blurs.
If I ask you for a photo of the hole on the rear of your device, that’s just my way of showing I care.

I can know everything about the power specification of a device without having seen, or held or used it, ever, but that a device can lend voice to creativity, be a conduit for artistic expression or just make some really great noises is something I occasionally need to remind myself of.

The Korg Volca series came to my attention when customers started asking me if we carried power supplies for them – the best starting point for the hunt.

I started monitoring sales of the Volca Beats, Bass and Keys on Amazon and saw they were climbing so that had my interest – and they didn’t come with a power supply. A slam-dunk to add to the database – I did my research, found out what they needed power-wise, and we’ve been selling them for a couple of years now, adding the Volca Sample PSU to our range when it came out later.

So on we went. But how, why and when customers buy PSU’s is part of my job too, and looking at some in-system stats, I noticed that people would often buy two, three or four Volca PSU’s at once. Or buy one, and come back a few months later and buy another two. So – I started asking Volca owners – what were they doing with these little analogue music boxes that they needed so many PSU’s?

Volcas synced

Volcas synced

So it came back that users love to yoke their Volcas together – syncing multiple units with a 3.5mm cable or over MIDI to make tunes. BUT they still needed to get a power adaptor for each – what a waste of plug sockets, and power! So I talked some more, got a sense of what the users might need, and devised the 5 way Korg Splitter cable, that can be used with a mains PSU or one of the MyVolts 5V USB to 9V cables.

The friendly and helpful community of Volca lovers couldn’t have been nicer – answering my naive questions, test-driving the splitter and USB cable, and just being so generous with their time.

micro banshee‘s YouTube video shows just what the Volcas can do – and the splitter cable too!

Chris Smout at The Music Bunker took the time to write this really informative blog post – way more informative than this one you’re reading right now.

Both Rob Welt / VolcaRock and Markus Wagner / Volca have both been very helpful, so cheers to them too for testing the cables, and telling their site members about it.

So after all that – all you need to know is you can buy it here on MyVolts!

That a power supply can add ease to a creative person’s flow is something that makes me proud to do the job that I do – the self-appointed power supply expert.

Update: Version 2 of the Korg Volca 5-way splitter cable has right-angled tails, just as you guys asked for! That’s the standard part now, we no longer stock ones with straight tails.


I’m looking for musicians – hobby, pro and everything in-between – to talk to about a new power product we’re developing; something portable, cheap, flexible, that provides power to multiple devices, is rechargeable, and works everywhere.
So if you want to get involved – drop me a mail! caroline at myvolts period co period uk

TLDR: Click here to buy the splitter cable on myvolts.co.uk. We ship worldwide!

Caroline is a leading authority on power supply adaptors. Although there's not a lot of competition, admittedly. She's been at MyVolts for more than 10 years, is Director of Operations, and works in the Dublin office.

32 thoughts on “MyVolts Korg Volca splitter cable – power up to 5 Volcas with just one cable

  1. Mike Smith

    Just purchased one of your power supplies for my volca collection, I previously made one myself but yours looks a more professional 🙂 I make wooden stands and end cheeks for synths and I also do online tutorials for music production etc.

    I currently own a full range of the Roland Boutiques, for that setup im using a usb plug that supports 4 usb cables which in turn power all the boutiques. I was just wondering if you are planning on creating something for those also?

    Look forward to hearing from you Kind Regards Mike

  2. Stuart lawson

    Woohoo. This is great news. I have 3 volcas, a monotribe and a kaospad2 which I think your cable will work with. I need one lol. I also have 2 Roland boutique and a tb3 (plus a few other gadgets) Power supply ideas to save multiple plugs always welcome


  3. Jean-baptiste Fournier

    Hello Caroline,
    Richard from Digidave DE Team asked me to get in touch with you and he said you could offer me goodies!
    I”ve bought the 5 way power splitter cable for volcas last month and highly praised the product
    on facebook forums with several pictures showing the efficiency of the cable using several korg products.
    I’d be glad to try the USB cable if you want/need. Let me know what I can do or how I can help you guys promoting.

  4. Jeroen

    Hi Caroline,

    I’m building a portable setup where I’m fitting Volca’s (Keys Bass Beats) in a small case:
    Because of very little space left in the case the USB 5V to 9V power adapter + 5 way Volca splitter is just what I need.
    But space in the case is an issue, and the straight-up plugs won’t fit in the case.
    Could you also make a version of the splitter with right angle plugs?

  5. mike

    Any word yet on if this will work with monotribes?
    In a perfect world I’d love to run my two tribes and three volcas off one supply

  6. BJay

    Really nice idea, but your cable is noisy.
    With just one Volca is connected it makes more noise than the original Korg one, but it’s ok and you only hear it when maxing the volume up.
    When you connect two or more volcas you clearly hear a humming sound.

    You should learn about ground lift, that concept can’t work without humming.

  7. Mark Pigott

    Hi! I have 5 Monotribes and the wallwarts are crazy.
    I should note that the barrel on the Monotribe is a different thickness,
    but I am curious is you could build a multiple Monotribe power supply?

  8. ko

    Hi Caroline! Just hooked up my Keys and Beats to the splitter cable, but noticed they dropped pretty much in volume while connecting both. Reasonable, but will there be any juice left when I will also go for the Bass, Sample and FM?
    Is it a common thing?



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