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myVolts mickXer V2
March 24, 2021 by

NEW: myVolts mickXer V2 passive mixer + 20% off in myVolts shops

V2 of the myVolts 5-way passive mixer mickXer‘s just dropped – It’s got improved volume output, bolder boosted bass, and it’s available in new Cool Grey colour. With 5 x 1/8″ (3.5mm) TRS stereo inputs and noise reduction, it’s a must for the discerning desktop musician. mickXer works great with any music gear: Korg Volcas, Roland Boutiques, Teenage Engineering Pocket Operators and thousands more.

Grab it and get 20% off your entire order with code MIX20, valid through to end of March 2021.

myVolts at Culture Night
August 29, 2019 by

myVolts Gear Swap at Dublin Culture Night 2019! #myVoltsCultureNight

From a modest, arty, start in 2006 with just a few events, Culture Night is now a mainstream staple, with happenings to please just about everybody. It rolls around at the end of September, bittersweetly marking the end of Summer, and the start of Autumn proper with over 4000 free events across more than 1600 venues all across Ireland. I’ve attended Culture Night for the last 4 years in myVolts hometown of Dublin, it’s lovely just to have a ramble round, take in the best of what our great city has to offer at free events, all across town. I’ve heard choirs, played with Eurorack synths, seen free plays, enjoyed poetry readings, walked around historical buildings, and much more. It’s just so … cultured!

And this year – myVolts is getting involved! If you’re in Dublin on 20th September 2019, we’d love if you were to drop by the myVolts Gear Swap event, it’ll be a blast. #myVoltsCultureNight

myVolts power bank - low current draw
August 20, 2019 by

Using myVolts Ripcord to power devices with very low current draw, from a USB power bank

Ripcord‘s great for powering all kinds of devices from cheap USB power banks, as it gives clean, noise-free, hassle-free portable power.
However – you may find if you’re powering a device that draws very little current from a USB power bank, total current drawn in the region of less than 50mA, the device might shut down. This can happen with some guitar pedals and tuners, as they demand so little amperage, sometimes just a few milliamps.
This is a power bank problem, rather than a Ripcord problem – but we have a couple of solutions for you, so read on…

Ripcord by myVolts
April 15, 2019 by

Ripcord – the plug n’ play anywhere USB cable by myVolts

Power your gear from any USB port with Ripcord! Small synths like Korg Volcas, amps, keys, drum machine, effects pedals – Ripcord is compatible with thousands of devices.
Any country, on stage, in the studio, outdoors: anywhere there’s a USB port – like your laptop, a phone charger, a USB power bank – you’re good to go.
Read on to find out about Ripcord, AND get 15% off your next myVolts order.