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Need more power?
Z-Charge is a neat bedside solution that can charge and store up to six devices.
Z-Charge is a neat charging solution, made from fabric, which is placed under a mattress and provides storage pouches on each side of the bed. It comes with a USB hub - including a power supply unit suited to your country.
It's a lightweight and adjustable unit for all your USB devices, including phones, tablets and eReaders of any shape or size. Z-Charge is simply plugged into a single socket in the wall and powered on and off via a standalone switch.
It's simple and fast, and should take less than two minutes to install.
Yes! Z-Charge works with all size beds. It is adjustable to fit your bed.
Yes! Z-Charge works with all USB powered devices.
Your Z-Charge unit arrives ready to use. The unique hub and connecting female USB cables are packaged in the box. Follow these instructions to assemble your Z-Charge.
One Z-Charge unit.
One USB hub with ability to charge six devices. 12V 2A Power Supply with on/off switch.
Luke Brennan, MD of MyVolts, and Paula O'Connor, Z-Charge designer, talk about how Z-Charge came to life.
How does Z-Charge work?
Z-Charge rests across the base of a bed. The length of the device is adjustable and held in position by the weight of the mattress, with overlapping storage pouches on either side for up to six devices. The multiple charging cables are neatly tucked away, yet readily accessible when required. Devices can be grabbed quickly or stored away easily, through opening access along the top and side of pouch. They are safely secured with a Velcro closure.
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