myVolts Boutique 5-way power splitter cable
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New myVolts splitter cable – power up to 5 Roland Boutiques with just one cable

By the very fact you’re reading this I assume you a) like making music and b) do not like worrying about how to power the things you use to make music.

That’s OK – myVolts is here to do that for you. Latest power problem we’ve solved? Powering a load of Roland Boutiques – we’ve made a cable to power 5 of them off one USB plug.

Read on for more info, plus a voucher code for 3 quid off!

Mike Smith's Roland Boutiques

With their line of Boutique sound boxes, Roland has taken classic (even legendary) instruments from the past, cut them down, packaged them beautifully, and given the modern electronic music buff what they’ve always wanted – iconic Roland sounds on the cheap.
The TR909 has become the TR-09, the TB-303 the TB-03, the VP-330 the VP-30, the JUPITER-8 the JP-08, the JX-3P the JX-03, and the JUNO-106 the JU-06. There’s also the A-01 controller / generator – not based on an iconic bit of gear, but a powerful controller in its own right.

Roland Boutiques 5 way power splitter by myVolts

So you wanna catch them all, right? I’ve been talking to a lot of you Boutique users, and I know that powering them can be a bit of a ‘mare. Each takes 4 AAs, or runs off USB power – but what if you’ve lots of them, is there a neat solution to power a few? I was asked this so much I thought it was only right to make one cable with 5 tails to power up to five of these powerful little boxes off one USB plug.
Just like the myVolts Korg Volca 5-way power splitter cable, it just makes using your gear easier, everyday.

micro banshee's Roland Boutiques

So, if you’ve spent all your dough on Boutiques, and want a cheap way of powering them – get it now. It’s canary yellow (myVolts’ first foray into coloured cabling, let us know what you think of the colour!) is small, neat, smart, and just WORKS. The main cable is 1m long, and each tail is 0.7m.

It comes with a 2000mA USB power adaptor – plenty of current to power 5 Boutiques perfectly. Or if you have a 2000mA or more USB power adaptor yourself, you can just get the splitter cable on its own. And if you want to be totally untethered to the wall, another option is to plug it into a USB power bank with one port capable of delivering 2000mA or more.

Roland Boutiques 5-way power splitter plus UK plug - US, EU and AU versions available

Roland Boutiques 5-way power splitter plus UK plug – US, EU and AU versions available

And many thanks to my testers – Boutique fans Paul Birkett AKA micro banshee, check out his YouTube synth videos here and Mike Smith of Synths and Wood, maker of fine stands and end cheeks for music gear. Cheers to both for being my guinea pigs on this one!

TLDR: Get the new Roland Boutiques 5-way power splitter cable in the myvolts store, for UK, EU, and US regions. We ship worldwide!

PLUS use offer code CSRBSP at checkout to get 3.00 GBP off your order! You must have at least one Roland Boutiques splitter cable in your cart to use this code, and it’s good till Friday 31st March 2017.

Need help powering something else? Drop me a line at caroline AT myvolts DOT com or hit me up on Twitter, username carolinezoids

Caroline is a leading authority on power supply adaptors. Although there's not a lot of competition, admittedly. She's been at MyVolts for more than 10 years, is Director of Operations, and works in the Dublin office.

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